The all new CS3 is made from an exclusive nickel titanium material that has amazing features and far surpasses other spring systems. The CS3 spring will load force instantly and remain extremely consistent throughout treatment. The benefit is a smoother, more constant force that performs better and lasts longer. The CS3 system is one of the most successful Class II and Class III chairside appliances used in the world due to its simplicity, effectiveness and value pricing as compared to other systems available today. Now the CS3 is a major improvement on an already successful and widely used product. This is a must have system for your orthodontic tool box.


Examples of Laboratory Options…

There are multiple options to use CS3 with upper & lower fixed appliances, call to discuss.

CS3 Fixed Appliance
Upper View

CS3 – Fixed Appliance

CS3 – Fixed Appliance
Lower View

Archwire Placement…

CS3 can also be placed on the archwire.

5-Patient & 10-Patient kits are available for purchase.

“The CS3 System is an incredible new development in non-compliance therapy. The new spring provides a smoother, more consistent force, allowing for better treatment results and increased patient comfort.”

Dr. Michael Williams, DDS, MS

The Gulf Coast Center for Advanced Cosmetic Orthodontics

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