3D Custom Direct Printed Bands

DynaFlex® is excited to announce the availability of Custom Direct Printed Metal Bands. This state-of-the-art technology will dramatically decrease patient chair time while ensuring precise fit and comfort. 

  • No Need For Separators

  • No Band Fitting Appointment

  • Fast & Easy Cementation

  • Streamline & Sleek Design

  • 316L Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Scan patient as normal. It is important to capture a full palate scan. No need to place separators.

Upload your scan to DynaFlex® by using DynaFusion digital submission software. 

Cement and follow standard band bonding procedure.

*Patient intraoral photo provided by Dr. Brian Klein, Klein Orthodontics

DynaFlex Custom Direct Printed Bands are available on most Fixed Orthodontic Appliances. Simply select the option for Custom Direct Printed Bands on your DynaFusion prescription. If you have questions concerning your appliances being made with Custom Direct Printed Bands, we are here to help! Call our customer care team at 800-489-4020 and speak with a technical advisor. 

Traditional RPE with Custom Direct Printed Bands

Still the most popular expansion appliance fabricated. This sturdy appliance can be fabricated with screws capable of from eight to include mm of lateral development.

Slimline with Custom Direct Printed Bands

The Slimline palatal screw is used in cases requiring a physically smaller expansion screw for cases needing upper arch development. The screw allows for approximately 12mm of activation and more patient tongue space providing optimal patient comfort.

Transpalatal Arch with Custom Direct Printed Bands

Custom direct printed bands can be utilized in almost all situations where traditional bands or orthodontic crowns would normally be utilized. They can be used on both simplistic cases such as TP or LH and on complex cases including Mara, Herbst®, or CS Springs.

Hanks Telescoping Herbst with Custom Direct Printed Bands

The HTH was developed by Dr. Stephen Hanks as a major improvement to the traditional rod and tube design and is the only true “one piece” design available for Herbst® treatment. The telescoping design eliminates problems of disengagement and incorporates a ball and socket pivotal screw that is built into the telescoping mechanism. The ball and socket allows for tremendous lateral excursion and increased patient comfort. Also, the built in screw makes chair side placement extremely easy.


Follow Standard Band/Crown Appliance Bonding set up. The properties of this metal (316L) are similar to current bands/crowns therefore the bonding method is the same. Many different Glass ionomer or light-cured adhesives will work for bonding, however, we recommend using Reliance Ultra Band-Lok Light Cure Adhesive (DynaFlex® Item #18-UBBPP).

Recommended Steps:

Step 1: Ensure appliance fits patient properly prior to bonding.

Step 2: For stronger bond strength; micro-etch interior of band or wings.

Step 3: It is recommended to acid etch each tooth that will have bonding adhesive.

Step 4: Isolate and prep teeth in normal procedure.

Step 5: Use of bonding booster is recommended but is optional.

Step 6: Small ring of adhesive is placed around the occlusal surface of the crown/band and other surfaces touching teeth per design of appliance.

Step 7: Seat appliance. Use cotton roll or other seating accessory to fully seat appliance if necessary.

Step 8: Clean up flash.

Step 9: Light cure as needed per adhesive instructions.


Debond is similar to traditional band/crown debonding technique.

Recommended Steps:

Step 1: Use band/crown removal instrument (DynaFlex® Item #M-D444). Option: Slit the buccal side of crown with a bur for easy removal.

Step 2: Remove remaining adhesive and properly clean all tooth surfaces where bonding occurred.

How To Order In DynaFusion®

STEP 1: In DynaFusion®, scroll down to Select Crowns Or Bands To Be Seated.

STEP 2: Select DynaFlex Custom Direct Printed Bands.

STEP 3: Select the correct upper & lower tooth.

Dr. Brian Klein 
Klein Orthodontics

Banded appliance visits used to be kind of stressful. Now they’re predictable and relaxed. A couple seconds prepping the patient, a few more seconds placing the appliance, and the rest of the time covering patient education. Fits our workflow about as nicely as it fits in the mouth

Dr. Christopher Cetta, DMD 
Blue Wave Orthodontics

I love the precise fit and digital workflow of the metal 3D printed appliances from DynaFlex®. Simply scan and then cement! No goopy impressions or separators needed. It’s a great way to differentiate your practice!