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“The new DynaFusion portal has been a game changer for my office. The template feature allows me to submit cases in a fraction of the time it used to take me to do so, and in addition, I love being able to electronically track my cases statuses and UPS tracking #s. I highly recommend DynaFusion to streamline your office’s lab workflow.”

Eric J. Castle


Ortho Appliances & Sleep Device Prescription PDFs

While we encourage the use of our new Digital Rx System, DynaFusion, PDFs will remain available for use.

Click below on the image of the prescription you wish to view/download. Follow the instructions to save the prescription pdf with your office and patient information.

See Laboratory Terms and Conditions Here.

Step 1 – Save Prescription Your Consistent Office Information

– Click one of the DynaFlex Prescription below to open it in your browser window.
– Go to File then Save As and save it to your desktop or folder of choice.
– Open the RX.pdf and fill in information that will remain consistent on all prescriptions (such as doctors name, address, email, etc.).
– Go to File then Save to save the rx with your consistent information.

Step 2 – Save Prescription With Individual Patient Information

– Open your saved version of RX.pdf and fill in all of the patients information.
– Go to File then Save As (this will save a “copy”) and rename and save file with patients name/info.
– Your original Rx is still saved with your consistent information and a copy is saved for your individual patient, you’ll then submit the patient’s Rx to DynaFlex!
–  Email: or Mail: DynaFlex – 10403 International Plaza Drive, St. Ann MO 63074

Sleep Device Rx

General Ortho Rx

Retainer Rx

EZ-Align Rx

Herbst Rx

Series 2000 Rx

SmartJet Rx