Tooth Positioner

Tooth Positioner

All DynaFlex Positioners are custom fabricated to your specifications; material type, flange thickness and height, retention auxiliary are designed to blend appliance efficiency and patient comfort.

For many years, the Orthodontic community has considered the Positioner to be the ultimate case finishing appliance. The Positioner combines the use of state-of-the-art materials, an intelligently constructed tooth set-up, used at the ideal time to move the teeth into the best occlusion possible. This combination allows the Orthodontist to finish off those difficult movements of correcting rotations, tipping, torquing, leveling, width discrepancies, space closure and occlusal plane corrections all in a relative short wearing time. Achieving these tasks in such a relative short time allows the case to be finished several months/weeks earlier than without using a Positioner.

When to send DynaFlex your Positioner Case:

There are a variety times in treatment to send DynaFlex® your case. The times in treatment to send DynaFlex® Positioner cases varies from the end of treatment after brackets are removed, to several months prior to finish with brackets still on the models.

The majority of Positioner cases at DynaFlex® are received a few months/weeks prior to bracket removal from your patient. We remove the brackets from the models; fabricate the set-up and positioner and return both to you prior to you removing the brackets from the patient. This technique allows you to take advantage of the teeth being most mobile when brackets/archwires are just removed and the teeth can most easily settle into the ideal set-up of the Positioner.

How To Send Your Case To DynaFlex