Shipping Information & Updates

To Our Valued Customers,

This is an update regarding shipping related matters during this unprecedented time. UPS, our dedicated shipping partner is and will continue to remain operational. This includes states that have implemented strict shelter in place orders due to concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be aware that they face the challenge of managing through all business closures nationwide.

If your office is accepting packages, it’s very important to reach out to UPS to communicate this with them. To do so, please call UPS at (800) 377-4877. This will ensure your package will arrive in a timely manner. The DynaFlex customer care team is doing their best to contact your office if a case or order has been returned to us.

The following changes have been temporarily implemented by UPS:

Delivery Attempts:

• If a business is closed with no dates to reopen or if a business will be closed greater than 9 days UPS will only make one (1) delivery attempt and automatically return to DynaFlex.

• If a business plans to re-open within 9 days, shipments will be held for future delivery (for maximum of 9 days).

Packages Requiring Signature:
• UPS will write on the signature pad “COVID19” or “CV19” followed by the name of the consignee.

Please be advised we are working diligently to forgo any delays in case fabrication and we are processing orders as quickly as possible while maintaining our increased preventive infection control practices.

Our customer care representatives are here to help you during this ever-changing time. Call if you are unsure the status of your case 800-489-4020.

To check the status of your supply order, please call 866-346-5665.

Be Well,
The DynaFlex Team