SmartJet™- DynaFlex Exclusive
A single device for both Mesialization and Distalization

This brilliant design is super-efficient, super comfortable and very simple to manage. All of the mechanisms are built for comfort and convenience. The larger anterior mechanism (SmartStop) has a small set screw that locks into place after you have made your necessary adjustments to the appliance (Figure 1). The smaller mechanism (SmartGuide) is threaded on the coil spring for secure positioning and will accept our exclusive Z clip for connection to the lingual sheath. The super elastic nickel titanium spring maintains a consistent 200 grams of force and slides friction free along the wire. Another incredible feature of the SmartJet™ is the ability to mesialize a molar by sliding the SmartStop anteriorly and pulling the molar into position as shown in the picture (Figure 2). The SmartJet™ is truly the smartest appliance.


SmartJet Detail
SmartJe - Mesialize & Distalize


SmartJet Detail 1