Adjustable Herbst


The Herbst appliance is a superior fixed functional appliance which effectively corrects skeletal Class II malocclusions. DynaFlex has created quality Herbst appliances for doctors all over the world for forty years and counting. DynaFlex laboratory offers value pricing, expertise, and a vast knowledge of current Herbst designs.
Herbst Designs: The Herbst designs include stainless steel crowns, Rollo Bands, bands and/or acrylic. The amount of mandibular advancement and bite opening depends on the case and appliance design. All Herbst® designs can be reactivated by using precut “shims” or “spacers” to gain further advancement of the mandible. The EAS® design allows for 5 additional mm of advancement with a built-in screw mechanism.

MiniScope and
MiniScope with Apple Core

The MiniScope Herbst is a three section telescoping mechanism that will not become disengaged during patient opening. The Apple Core housing nut has a curved radius to allow for increased lateral excursion, reduction of breakage and optimum patient comfort.

Traditional Herbst

This design highlights the traditional rod and tube mechanism,however any Herbst mechanism can be used with this Dr. Jim Hilgers designed Herbst. The upper first molar crowns and the lower first bicuspid crowns provide sufficient anchorage; however the LHA rest can be bonded for greater anchorage.

Hanks Telescoping Herbst

The HTH was developed by Dr. Stephen Hanks as a major improvement to the traditional rod and tube design and is the only true “one piece” design available for Herbst® treatment. The telescoping design eliminates problems of disengagement and incorporates a ball and socket pivotal screw that is built into the telescoping mechanism. The ball and socket allows for tremendous lateral excursion and increased patient comfort. Also, the built in screw makes chair side placement extremely easy.

Flip Lock Herbst

The Flip Lock mechanism is comprised of a simple ball joint hinge that allows for maximum lateral excursion and extremely easy chair side assembly. It can be fabricated with the traditional design or the cantilever design for increased patient comfort. Any Herbst design can be fabricate with the Flip-Lock mechanism. All Herbst accessories can be included in a Flip-Lock Herbst.

EAS Herbst

EAS or “Expanding Advancing Sheath” combines the
MAX design for maxillary transverse movement with mandibular advancing mechanics for skeletal Class II correction. The lower appliance designs incorporate Series 2000 options for either development of arch width, arch length or extraction space closure.

Herbst Appliance