Retainers are used for finished orthodontic cases to securely maintain the teeth in their new position. DynaFlex offers several varieties of finishing retainers and each one meets all the major criteria for effective retention of your finished orthodontic cases.

Defend Invisible Retainers
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Defend your patients smile from relapse using DynaFlex Defend Invisible Retainers.

Give your patients peace of mind with Defend, a comfortable and durable solution to lost or broken retainers. This cost effective system provides multiple sets of retainers to maintain the ideal position. Now you and your patients can be worry free with Defend invisible retainers.

Available in 2, 3 or 4 Invisible Retainers
Single or Double Arch

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Defend - In Use

Maxillary Retainer

Mandibular Retainer

Hawley Spring Retainer

Modified Spring Retainer

San Antonio Retainer (wrap around)

Spring Clip with Wire Extensions 3x3

EZ-Clear Retainer

QCM Clear Bow Retainer