Designed Specifically For Aligners

The CS®5 Bondable represents a groundbreaking advancement in orthodontic technology. CS®5 Bondable directly bonds to the tooth, offering a seamless integration that enhances the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments, especially when used alongside aligners. With Bondable CS®5, orthodontists can elevate their treatment outcomes, providing patients with the confidence of a beautifully aligned smile. 

Class II Setup. Low Force Spring Delivers 150 Grams Of Force

Great For Aligners

Specifically for use in conjunction with aligners, CS®5 Bondable seamlessly integrates into various orthodontic treatment plans for enhanced efficiency. 

Gentle, Effective Correction

 The low force spring which generates 150 grams of force, accompanied with low-profile bondable pivot ensures predictable results. 

Class II Overview

Class III Overview

The CS Bondable Is Available For Purchase As A 5 Patient Kit

  • 10 CS5 Low Force Springs (7 mm or 10 mm)
  • 20 Bondable Pivots
  • 20 Low Profile Screws
  • 1 Magnetic Allen Pencil
  • 1 Magnetic Charger

Actual case submitted by Dr. Michael Williams

CS5 Bondable Kit Components

Featuring the innovative Bondable pivot, meticulously crafted for patient comfort with its low-profile design, this device ensures a smooth and comfortable orthodontic experience. The accompanying low-profile screw effortlessly attaches the spring to the pivot, simplifying the application process for orthodontists. Moreover, the CS®5 Bondable spring is engineered to exert a gentle yet effective force of only 150 grams, facilitating the correction of Class II or III cases with remarkable precision and minimal discomfort. 

Low-Force Spring

7 mm & 10 mm

Magnetic Allen Pencil

Magnetic Charger

Low Profile Bondable Pivot & Screw