Distalizing Appliances

Distalizing Appliances

Regaining lost arch length is often a difficult task and requires the most advanced spring loaded family of appliances. Some of these appliances are completely self activating while others give the doctor the flexibility of activating the appliance to the exact amount of distalization required.


An .032 TMA® wire provides light forces to distalize and rotate upper first molars. A Nance button provides anchorage.


Upper arch development along with molar distalization is gained by adding an expansion screw in the acrylic.


This appliance is used for maxillary arch expansion and molar distalization. An expansion screw is used to first develop the maxillary arch. Once transverse movement is gained, the pre-activated .032 TMA® wires are trimmed loose for molar rotation and distalization.

Distal Jet Appliances

The Distal Jet offers the unique feature of unilateral or bilateral molar distalization and molar rotation correction with one appliance. The appliance is anchored off the first bicuspids or in cases requiring maximum anterior stabilization second bicuspids can be used. For lateral arch development an expansion screw can be requested.


The Frog is designed for maxillary molar distalization without adjustment of palatal wires. The small expansion screw provides the force to move the molars. Each counterclockwise activation delivers 0.4mm of distalization. The Frog design can be used for the first phase or in combination with fixed appliances.

Nitanium Molar Rotator

Specially designed heat-activated nickel titanium palatal wire is used to correct mesially and distally
rotated molars. The rotator fits easily into lingual sheaths for immediate activation. Once molar rotations are corrected the appliance can be used as a transpalatal retainer.