The Future In
Aligner Manufacturing

More adults desire aesthetic dental care; invisible tooth correction. With the Laser Aligner Cutter, every aligner is cut with precision to ensure a perfect fit and patient comfort. With the latest technology and team of highly trained technicians, we promise to exceed customer expectations.

The Future In Aligner Manufacturing

Fully automatic cutting of clear aligners

Process time of 1 minute

Engraving function

No post processing necessary

Compatible with any 3D printing model

Compatible with all common thermoformers

Engraving Process

LAC automatically finds a suitable position, and generates the engraving pattern.

Increase Your Aligner Production

Aligner Separation Made Easy

Thermoformed aligners are often difficult to separate from the model. With the LAC Separator, it is possible to detach clear aligners from the model in less than 20 seconds! With just a few hand movements, it is possible to detach clear aligner foils from the model comfortably and without deformations. 

The Advantages Speak For Themselves

Separate aligners in less than 20 seconds

Operational with a lever; no electric or compressed air

Compatible with any model

Compatible with all common thermoformers

Compatible with all common thermoformers

How It Works

Place the tooth model on the vacuum disc under the separation threads and tighten them.

Insert the vacuum disk into the thermoforming unit using the adapter ring suitable for your unit.

Thermoforming: Insert the aligner foil into the thermoforming unit and theroform the aligner.

After thermoforming, insert the aligner with the vacuum disc into the separator.

Place the vacuum lid on the separator and secure it with a rotary motion.

Use the lever on the lid to create a vacuum, which is used as counterpressure for the separating process.

Pull the lever towards you and down to separate the tooth model from the aligner.

Unlock and remove the vacuum lid. Now the separated aligner can be removed and is ready for further processing.

Improve the quality of your products and reduce manual workflows of your aligner production at the same time!

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