One of the smallest hinge designs on the market.

Respire Pink AT Micro

Shorter hinge arms with unique 4+4mm titration: Suitable for People with Smaller Mouths

Respire Pink AT Micro is designed for people with smaller mouths. Its adjustment arms are approximately 24% shorter than the standard adjustment arms, increasing its compactable and comfortable nature. Simply put, it’s a better sleep apnea device for people with smaller mouths.

Features & Benefits:

4 + 4 mm Titration

The shorter hinge provides 4 mm advancement on its own, but the hinge can be moved to the next anterior fixing element. It allows up to 8 mm of advancement over the course of the treatment, if necessary.

24% Shorter Hinge

Shorter adjustment arms increase the device’s compactability and wearing comfort while minimizing the contact of the hinge to the lip area.

Precise Adjustments

1 mm advancement with only 4 turns and a measuring scale for precise adjustments. 1 full turn = .25 mm

Medicare Approved

Available In Hard & Hard/Soft-Fitting Surface

Option For Reduced Lingual Coverage

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Knowing the importance of airway and oral pharyngeal space, the Micro AT is a top choice. Smaller profile, comfort, and easily adjusted help to make this device an excellent option when managing OSA with oral appliance therapy.

Dr. Gina Pepitone-Mattiello, RDH | Williston, NY

There is a reason why the Pink AT Micro is already our new most popular MAD that patients choose/ In addition, any patients that with a different brand/style of MAD and have comfort difficulties say the Pink AT Micro is SUPERIOR in comfort once they switch over.

Dr. Nate Cogswell, DDS | St. Paul, MN

I’m extremely impressed with the reduced volume of the Respire Pink AT Micro. It feels like bedroom slippers on insertion and the device is minimally intrusive on the cheek space so patients are very happy. As a dentist, it’s the one I personally wear.

Dr. Beth Snyder, DMD | Doylestown, PA

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