Schwarz & Sagittal

Schwarz & Sagittal Appliances

A variety of active appliances can be fabricated for arch width and arch length development. Active
designs are beneficial for development of the arches prior to fixed treatment. A minimum of four clasps is suggested to maximize retention. In addition to our standard designs; springs, small expansion screws and wires provide forces to move individual teeth. Maxillary occlusal coverage can be added as desired. The Sagittal appliances are designed to regain lost arch length in an anterior and/or posterior direction.

Schwarz Upper & Lower

Designed to gain lateral arch development in the upper and /or lower arches.

Three Way Schwarz

Used in the upper arch for both lateral and anterior development.


A Maxillary appliance, designed for the correction of unilateral cross bites.

Fan Gear

Designed to develop the bicuspid area, it is ideal for correcting tapered arch forms.

Anterior Sagittal Upper & Lower

To ensure anterior development, the design maximizes posterior anchorage with screw placement and occlusal indentations.

Distal-Drive Upper & Lower

This design facilitates distal driving of posterior teeth to regain lost arch length. To maximize distalization, splits are cut mesial to first molars.

3 Screw Sagittal Upper & Lower

This features the Sagittal design with a midline expansion screw for lateral development.