Fixed Expanders


Fixed maxillary and mandibular expanders include a broad range of appliance designs. The designs are used to correct cross-bites, narrow arches and crowding. The fixed expanders utilize some mechanism of force (expansion screws, self-activating spring or wire activation) for development of the arch. These fixed designs require minimal patient compliance and provide the doctor with total control during active orthodontic treatment. Auxiliary attachments such as brackets and habit breakers can be requested for most of the expander appliances.


The Slimline palatal screw is used in cases requiring a physically smaller expansion screw for cases needing upper arch development. The screw allows for approximately 12mm of activation and more patient tongue space providing optimal patient comfort.


This fixed design is both tissue and tooth borne to provide orthopedic and orthodontic changes.

Bondable RPE

Acrylic onlays or pads are placed over the posterior teeth and then bonded in place.

Memory Screw RPE

The new line of memory screw expanders puts the control back in the clinician’s hands. Once the Memory screw is activated 4-to-5 turns the Niti coil springs that are built into the screw become active. The Niti coil springs then provide light continuous forces for biocompatible arch development. This new screw can be used in both fixed and removable appliance designs.

“Snap-Fit” RPE

The .036 contoured buccal-lingual wire eliminates path of insertion problems. Composite is used to lock in the appliance

Super Screw

The Super Screw expander is used in situations that require a larger degree of arch development but a physically smaller screw is desired. A 12mm or 16mm screw can be requested. A special adjustment wrench is sent along with each appliance.

Fixed Fan Gear

The fixed fan gear appliance is the appliance of choice when presented with a tapered maxillary arch and a fixed appliance is required. The screw provides 9mm of activation.

Spring Jet I & II

Achieve slow arch expansion with controlled continuous NiTi spring force. No patient compliance required. Substitute for screw or pre-set wire expanders. Provides reliable results with minimal tipping & no patient compliance.


This appliance allows for the development of the maxillary arch by utilizing active helical springs. The springs can be activated to provide overall arch form improvement or to address either anterior or posterior expansion needs. The design of the appliance also allows for improvement of molar rotation.


This is a pre programmed thermally activated appliance. The appliance comes in several different sizes to allow for a wide range of expansion. The individual appliances are anchored in place via horizontal sheaths attached to molar bands. This is an exceptional appliance when mild to moderate expansion is required. It is possibly the finest appliances at acquiring distal rotation of 1st permanent molars.


Typically a lower appliance designed to upright lingually inclined posterior teeth. This NiTi spring loaded appliance is a very effective & popular choice do to its streamlined design. When the desired lateral development is achieved the spring can be deactivated by adding composite.


This fixed expander improves the lower archform with an expansion screw along with extensions to engage the lingual surface of posterior teeth as well as primary or permanent canines.


The most popular of our lower uprighting appliances. This appliance uses a mini screw capable of 10mm of activation. The design incorporates an .018 NiTi archwire that freely slides labially to apply pressure to the lingual of the lower incisors to improve alignment as arch form improvement occurs.