TAP® Devices

Easy To Use, Comfortable To Wear

The two piece Tap® (Thorton Adjustable Position) devices are fully adjustable on a horizontal plane, providing dentist the ability to locate the ideal mandibular position for their patient. This custom appliance is fabricated with separate upper and lower trays. The maxillary component utilizes an adjustable screw and hook which interfaces with a lower socket or lower lingual bar to hold the mandible in the desired position


Tap 3®




Features & Advantages

  • Nickel-Fre Cobalt-Chromium (100% Allergen Free)
  • Parts are set in the anterior which acts as NTI
  • Parts are set facially in the anterior allowing more tongue space
  • 3 hook sizes for greater range of advancement
  • Single point, midline adjustment

Tap 3

Features & Advantages

  • Stainless steel parts
  • Parts are sent in the anterior which acts as an NTI
  • Parts are set more lingually making it easier to achieve lip seal
  • Single hook allows 7mm of advancement
  • Single point, midline adjustment


Features & Advantages

  • Provides same-day treatment & immediate relief
  • Molding can be fit in 15 minutes
  • Slim, low profile fit
  • Single point adjustment with 22mm range of advancement


First custom oral appliance to include a nasal breathing component, the flexTAP Mouth Shield. The shield helps prevent dry mouth as well as preventing excess saliva.

Features & Advantages

  • 50% faster in-office fitting
  • No bite registration needed
  • No metal parts
  • 14mm range of adjustment
  • Standard 3-year warranty

The DynaFlex® Gateway™

The DynaFlex® Gateway™ is a low-profile, digitally printed device that opens a gateway to getting your patients treated faster while their sleep device is being fabricated.

  • Faster turnaround time
  • No chairside adjustments
  • Built flexible for comfort

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