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Laboratory Questions & Answers

Is there a guarantee my appliance will fit?

You demand it . . . DynaFlex® guarantees it! Our goal is for our appliances to fit the first time, every time. If you are unsatisfied with any appliance fit or function that we manufacture, DynaFlex® will repair it at not cost to you.

How do I send DynaFlex my patient's case?

DynaFlex makes sending a case easy! View the How to Send A Case for detailed information.

I need the appliance by a certain date, can DynaFlex accommodate?

Yes, we know how important it is to have your appliance back by your patients appointment. Please make sure to utilize the date wanted box on all your prescription forms with a specific date, not ASAP or RUSH. With a specific date, we can inform you ahead of time if there may be a delay. Your date wanted should be at least one day prior to your patient’s appointment.

How long will it take to get my patient's appliance back from DynaFlex?

Your date wanted should be the day prior to your patient’s appointment. General shipping is 2-3 days each way but shipping times may vary.

GENERAL LAB APPLIANCES: In lab time is 3-5 days. If you require shorter or same day lab service, it is available on most appliances.
EZ-ALIGN®: In lab time is 7-10 days.
SLEEP APNEA DEVICES: In lab time is 7-10 days. Rush service available, please call to arrange. A fee of $100.00 per device will be applied.

How do you ship back the fabricated appliance?

All your cases will be returned guaranteed UPS for a small shipping and handling fee. OVERNIGHT DELIVERY is also available for an additional charge, please call 800-489-4020 to schedule.

Does DynaFlex offer a PRE-PAID Postage Label?

For shipping your cases to DynaFlex®, we provide convenient postage pre-paid mailing labels. A postage paid label is available here as well as at the top of each prescription.

I need help with appliance design or case submission, can you help?

DynaFlex® is as close as your telephone or computer. Feel free to call our toll free number 800-489-4020 or click here to email for assistance on appliance designs and appliance adjustments. You may also submit your question here.

I want to send you my case digitally, what should I do?

DynaFlex accepts .stl files from any scanner. Once your office gets set up, you will submit cases through our portal or through your scanners drop down menu. Set up is quick and easy. Visit Getting Started Sending Digital Cases or call 800-489-4020 and our team will help!

There is also frequently asked questions concerning Digital File Transfer, Model Printing and other digital service… Visit Questions & Answers about Digital Cases to learn more.

Do you offer any type of insurance on Hawley's?

When you purchase Hawley Insurance you are guaranteed a one time replacement of your retainer. The certificate is good for six months and is only valid on Hawley Retainers. You can purchase the insurance for $13.40.

EZ-Align – Questions and Answers

What is EZ-Align®?

EZ-Align® clear aligners by DynaFlex® is a series of custom-made, clear, lightweight aligners used for the correction of misaligned teeth in teens and adults by progressively moving teeth to provide a beautiful finished smile.

What types of dental/orthodontic conditions can be treated with EZ-Align®?

EZ-Align® can be used in the treatment of minor-to-moderate crowding and malocclusions in the anterior region utilizing the Individual and Perfect 10 Systems. More complicated cases involving posterior tooth movement and lateral arch development can be treated using the Complete and Plus systems.

How does EZ-Align® work?

The overall treatment is prescribed by the doctor to the EZ-Align® laboratory where they are fabricated. The device is manufactured using a medical grade thermoformed material known as FasTrac™. The mechanism of force application to the teeth is via intentional distortion of the material as the aligners are seated in the mouth. Each subsequent aligner in the overall progressive series is made from a mold of the patient’s teeth which reflects subtle changes in the position of the teeth from the previous aligner.

How long does EZ-Align® treatment take?

The length of treatment is dictated by the number of aligners. Typically, each aligner is worn for 7-10 days.

What are the different EZ-Align® systems?

Complete: 20 Aligners per Arch with 6 full years of Unlimited* aligners and retainers. A comprehensive system designed to facilitate intermediate tooth alignment of the upper and lower arches. *Unlimited refers to a reasonable number of aligners and retainers at the purchase price of the Complete System within a 6 year period.

Perfect 10: 10 Aligners per Arch. A versatile upper and lower system designed to facilitate minor to intermediate tooth movement.

Plus: EZ-X® plus EZ-Align® system. The EZ-X® is a removable clear lateral development appliance utilizing a nickel titanium, spring loaded memory screw. EZ-X reduces or eliminates the need for enamel reduction and attachments prior to aligner therapy.

Individual Trays: For minor tooth movement of the upper & lower anterior teeth.

What is the EZ-X® appliance?

The EZ-X® is a removable clear lateral arch development appliance utilizing a nickel titanium, spring loaded memory screw. EZ-X® reduces or eliminates the need for enamel reduction and attachments prior to aligner therapy.

Do you provide assistance with instructing patients on aligner use and care?

A patient instructional manual is provided with each and every patient kit. This manual contains a quick start guide on how to use and maintain it.

How long must EZ-Align® clear aligners be worn by the patient each day?

The aligners must be worn for 23+ hours per day, and only removed during eating and brushing teeth.

Is Interproximal Reduction (IPR) necessary for every EZ-Align® case?

IPR is needed on a case-by-case basis, as per any orthodontic procedure. It may be required to create additional space for the teeth to move. The EZ-X appliance may be used to reduce the need for IPR in certain cases. In cases requiring IPR, DynaFlex® IPR strips will facilitate treatment.

Does EZ-Align® provide offer post-treatment retention?

DynaFlex is a full-service laboratory and can provide fixed or removable retention appliances. EZ-Align® offers EZ-Clear® Retainers and the Defend® Series. EZ-Clear® Retainers are included with the Complete Systems for 6 years; a reasonable fee is charged for EZ Clear Retainers for all other systems.

What are “Refinement Aligners”?

Refinement aligners are additional aligners used to provide continuity of the Clear Aligner Treatment. Refinement aligners are not given for relapse cases when the patient leaves the doctors treatment or loses an aligner and fails to return to the doctor. Refinement aligners are provided free for Complete Systems only and a reasonable fee is charged for all other systems.

How do I get started with EZ-Align® clear aligner systems?

Step 1: Send your scans, PVS or VPS impressions, or physical models to DynaFlex®.
Step 2: Complete and submit your prescription. Every case requires an EZ-Align® prescription to be completed and submitted by the supervising doctor.
Step 3: Submit your case digitally or through the mail with the prescription.

Our highly-trained technicians will then upload a treatment review onto our Treatment Review Software: a doctor accessible treatment viewing website. No additional software is necessary for EZ-Align® fabrication.

Do models need to be submitted for EZ-Align® fabrication?

We accept both digital files from your scanner and/or traditional records such as models. Models are scanned to create the working files necessary to review and print the progressive models to achieve the intended results.

What types of scans are accepted?

DynaFlex® can accept scans taken through any intra-oral scanner – including but not limited to: CEREC Omnicam, 3Shape TRIOS, Carestream CS 3500, 3M True Definition, Planmeca, and iTero.

Important Note: DynaFlex® can accept .stl files from ANY scanner. If your scanner is not listed, call 1-800-489-4020 for more information.

Ordering Products, Questions & Answers

When will my order ship?

All orders with in stock items that are placed prior to 2pm CST are shipped the same day.

What is your return policy?

In accordance with FDA and ISO Regulations, all product returns must include a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) which can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Department. Products may be returned for credit within 30 days from invoice date. Returns must meet quality inspection standards, appearance and physical count. After 31 days and up to 60 days from the invoice date, a request for return will be evaluated by a Customer Service Representative as a courtesy to our customer. For returns during the 31-60 day period products that are accepted for return may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Custom imprint orders, hot stamped orders and pre-welded band assemblies are not accepted for return/credit. No return or credit will be issued for products over 60 days from invoice date.

I have a question about a products pricing, can you help?

DynaFlex® makes every effort to keep pricing consistent throughout this catalog, however prices in the DynaFlex catalog, on our website and in sales flyers are subject to change. If you have a question concerning a price, please contact our customer care team. 866-346-5665.

How can I pay?

There are several ways to pay. You may use a credit card (your credit card will not by charged until your order ships). You may also bill to your account. Accounts must be set up before completion of order placement. Setting up an account is easy, you can do so through online through the checkout process, or call 866-346-5665 and a team member can assist you.

The charge for my order is not showing up on my credit card?

Your credit card will not by charged until your order ships. Please wait 2-3 business to see any charges on your credit card. If you still have questions, call us! We are here to help 866-346-5665.

What are my shipping options?

All product orders are shipped UPS Ground Service. However, we offer 2nd Day, 3rd Day and Next Day Air Service upon request for an additional fee. International orders are shipped by customer’s requested service or by most economical service when not specified.

I want to talk somebody about my order, who do I call?

We are here to help! Please call our toll free product specialists number. 866-346-5665

I am having problems placing an online order, can you help?

We apologize in advance if you are experiencing an issue. Please contact our products team for online ordering assistance, 866-346-5665.

Digital Services Questions & Answers

Digital File Transfer Questions

What is a “.stl” file?

An “.stl” is a file extension that stands for Stereolithography. This is the file type that can be produced by orthodontic scanners.

Can I send my .stl file to DynaFlex for appliance fabrication?

Yes. If you are a first time user, please contact our customer care team to schedule a set up appointment. Setup is quick and easy.

Which orthodontic scanners can DynaFlex currently accept .stl files from?

iTero, 3Shape, Lythos, True Definition, Casestream, Cerec, MotionView, and many more. If you are not sure about your scanner. Call our customer care team at 800-489-4020

How long does it take for DynaFlex to print your digital model?

Your digital model can be printed within 24-72 hours.

What appliances can be made from my digital scan?

Any appliance that you see in the DynaFlex Laboratory Catalog can be made from your digital scan.

How do I send my .stl file to DynaFlex?

Your files are sent to DynaFlex through a secure file portal that you are given a username and password to. Or they are sent to us directly from your scanner.

Digital Model Storage Questions

What do I get back with my case?

Enclosed in each folder file is a “3SZ” file (3d file) and a printable PDF file. The PDF includes six views of the case in a 1:1 ratio

How will I get my case sent back to me?

You can access all your cases through the 3D.Ortho File Portal.

What impression material should I use?

Any material will work. If you use alginate, wrap the impression in a damp towel.

Should I send models or impressions?

We accept both types of records.

What kind of impression tray should I use?

Plastic disposable is recommended. Metal trays interfere with the scanners laser.

Should I send a bite registration? And what kind?

Which type of appliance you order determines if a bite is required. However, sending a bite in will only give better results. Any type of bite is accepted.

Can I include photos for my case?

Yes. If you feel the bite may be hard to articulate, emailing/mailing photos will allow for a more accurate results.

What is the cost for the software and setup?

None. The only cost to you is 10-15 minutes of your time for setup and walkthrough.

How much space does a case take up on my computer?

Each case takes up 3-6 Megabytes

If I needed a physical model for my case, can you make one for me?

Yes. $18.00 per working model arch, $64.00 per ABO study model set, and $44.00 per a Slim based model set.

How long is my case stored?


How long will it take to get my case back?

Seven to ten business days is the average turnaround time for ortho cases. If you need a sooner or specific date, specify on the Rx. Please take into account shipping times and weekends. Please call for turnaround time for Snoring and Sleep Apnea Devices.