Indestructible Material Trusted For
Long-Term Smile Preservation.

Glacier® LTR (Long-Term Retention) is crafted with precision and expertise, offering practitioners and patients alike an unparalleled orthodontic experience for long-term retention. With its remarkable durability and resistance to cracking, Glacier® LTR is built to last and ensures longevity and reliability, providing peace of mind throughout its entire lifespan. Glacier® LTR is a premium material engineered with the newest formulation technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. 

Features & Benefits

• Comfortable
• Enhanced Durability
• Resistance To Cracking
• Built For Long-Term Use
• Grab-Force Technology
• Made In The U.S.A.

Sheets Available Include:

Round (125 mm) & Square (127 mm x 127 mm)

Thickness Options:
• .89 mm (.035)
• 1 mm (.040)

Instructions For Use

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