With SmileShare™ Clear Aligners, treatment plan options vary from minor tooth movement to comprehensive systems.


Designed For:
Minor tooth movement due to orthodontic relapse. Maximum of 5 aligners.


Designed For:
Minor movement of incisors. Includes up to 10 aligners allocated for either dual or single arch treatment.


Designed For:
Mild anterior tooth movement. Includes up to 20 aligners allocated for either single or dual arch treatment.


Designed For:
Moderate tooth movement throughout the anterior and minor posterior tooth movement. Includes up to 30 aligners.


Designed For:
Moderate tooth movements throughout anterior and posterior teeth. Includes up to 40 aligners.


Designed For:
Comprehensive movements of both anterior and posterior teeth. Includes unlimited aligners, as well as refinement/replacement aligners, plus a retainer per treatment arch.

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Hybrid Ortho Treatment

This allows your patients to start their orthodontic journey in braces and finish in clear aligners, providing a more flexible and customizable treatment option.

Seamless Transition

Our hybrid ortho treatment ensures a smooth transition from braces to clear aligners, without any interruption in the treatment process.

Customer Satisfaction

Almost every patient has a point in their life where they need to get their braces off. Whether it’s graduation, weddings, senior pictures, or anything in between; with hybrid treatment and Brace Erase™, you can tailor to your patients while keeping them smiling throughout treatment!

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