Wilson 3D Appliances

Wilson 3D Appliances

The 3D® appliances are a group of prefabricated “fixed-removable” modules that are interchangeable at chairside. The 3D® lingual tubes provide a quick and secure plug in system to achieve various orthodontic movements such as arch development, single tooth movement and maintenance of arch space. The 3D® system is easily incorporated into any fixed technique.

Wilson 3D Appliance Detail

3D Palatal Appliance

This very popular maxillary appliance can be used as a traditional transpalatal bar or can be used to provide lateral development throughout the arch or can be selectively adjusted to provide bicuspid/cuspid expansion.

3D Bi-Metric Arch

This product allows for predictable molar distalization without the use of external headgear. The appliance can be used either unilaterally or bilaterally & require minimal adjustment and patient compliance.

3D Lingual Arch

The 3D® Lingual Arch allows for multiple functions ranging from anchorage control to maintaining or improving arch length. It can easily be adjusted to provide buccal expansion and molar uprighting.

3D Quad-Helix

Traditionally used as a maxillary expansion appliance, it is also a very effective appliance at providing molar rotation.

3D Quad-Action

This appliance is an excellent alternative to multiple arch lengthening and expansion appliances. This versatile appliance allows for a variety of movement with minimal adjustment and great patient acceptance.