Modified Tandem

The Modified Tandem™ Appliance (MTA)

The Modified Tandem™ Appliance (MTA) is designed for orthopedic correction of the growing Class III patient. The appliance design is more comfortable than conventional devices because it is worn intraorally. The simple MTA utilizes three separate units; an upper appliance (active or inactive), a lower appliance fixed or removable), and a traction bow. Design modification is simple for both the upper and lower arch, any combination of fixed or removable appliance designs may be requested.

Fixed MTA

Modified Tandem - Fixed
Modified Tandem

View or download a pdf of the article “Early Treatment of Skeletal Class III Open Bite with the Tandem Appliance” by Dr. Leon Klempner, DDS

Removable MTA

Modified Tandem - Removable