Our highly trained technicians utilize the newest technology to make sure we stay on top of the latest advancements in clear aligner therapy.

Perfect your smile today without the hassle and cost of braces. Utilize our proprietary material with the option of various treatment plans, quick turnaround time and easy to use digital treatment review.

Smooth, Custom Cuts With Our 5-Axis Laser Cutter

Ideal Balance Between Force and Flex

Comfortable insertion and removal, but rigid enough to work out tougher movements.

Excellent Ductility

Allows materials to adapt to the undercuts and gingival embrasures.

Crystal-Clear and Highly Aesthetic

Our Exclusive, 5-Axis Laser Cutter Provides Fully Custom Trimlines


Straight-Cut aligners maintain the most retention; typically trimmed 2mm above the gingival margins. With Straight-Cut, you will have the most contact with Alveolar throughout the whole arch.


The most esthetically pleasing for your patient, but has a trade-off in that there is less retention and less contact with the alveolar bone. Scalloped aligners are the most effective with attachments.


Estheically pleasing for the patient, while still maintaining retention throughout the entire arch. This option can keep your patient happy, while still performing for you clinically.

With our highly accurate laser cutter (LAC), doctors have the ability to mix trimlines (Straight-Cut with Scalloped, etc…)

The demand for esthetic dental treatments is increasing. One of our main goals is to exceed our customers’ quality expectations. Utilizing the new Laser Aligner Cutter ensures every aligner has excellent cut edge quality. 

With SmileShare™ Clear Aligners, treatment plan options vary from minor tooth movement to comprehensive systems.


Designed For:
Minor tooth movements, ortho relapse and finishing hybrid orthodontic cases.

7.5° of rotation per tooth
1.25mm of movement (buccal/lingual/mesial/distal)


Designed For:
Mild tooth movements, ortho relapse and finishing hybrid orthodontic cases.

15° of rotation per tooth
2.5mm of movement (buccal/lingual/mesial/distal)


Designed For:
Moderate tooth movements throughout anterior and posterior teeth.

22.5° of rotation per tooth
2.5mm of  anterior movement (buccal/lingual/mesial/distal)
1.5mm of posterior movement


Designed For:
Moderate to intermediate movements throughout anterior and posterior teeth.

30° of rotation per tooth
2.5mm of anterior movement (buccal/lingual/mesial/distal)
2mm of posterior movement


Designed For:
Complex movements throughout anterior and posterior.

30° max rotation per tooth
3mm max anterior/posterior movement (buccal/lingual/mesial/distal)

Free refinements and replacements – up to 6 years – and free retainers*

*6 years begins at the start of treatment. Retainers include one upper/lower set.

Trying to decide which system works for you? Consult with one of our SmileShare™ Treatment Specialist today!

Hybrid Ortho Treatment

This allows your patients to start their orthodontic journey in braces and finish in clear aligners, providing a more flexible and customizable treatment option.

Seamless Transition

Our hybrid ortho treatment ensures a smooth transition from braces to clear aligners, without any interruption in the treatment process.

Customer Satisfaction

Almost every patient has a point in their life where they need to get their braces off. Whether it’s graduation, weddings, senior pictures, or anything in between; with hybrid treatment and Brace Erase™, you can tailor to your patients while keeping them smiling throughout treatment!

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How To Get Started


Create An Online Account

A registered DynaFlex® login is required to access SmileShare™. If you do not have an account, click the button below to fill out the necessary information. We will verify your account and send access instructions.


Patient Diagnostic Records

Use any open source intraloral scanner to take extremely precise and high-resolution digital patient impressions. Upload your digital impressions through the SmileShare™ web portal or directly from the scanner.


Submission & Design Setup

Create a patient, upload digital files, and submit an online prescription. Once the necessary records are loaded, a suggested SmileShare™ Aligner setup is processed.


Digital Treatment Review

A digital treatment solution is created and made available for doctor review. With the use of SmileShare™ software, you can review, modify and approve the case.



Once approved, 3D models are printed and the aligners are fabricated and checked for quality and fit. Each aligner is marked by state-of-the-art laser marking system with the case number and aligner identification.


Final Delivery

The appliance(s) will be shipped directly to your office in our large  SmileShare™ box (shown below). Each aligner set is packaged in clearly marked pouches. Each pouch shows patient, office, and aligner info. Other contents are listed below.

SmileShare™ Box Contents

Aligner storage case with an internal mirror

Patient Friendly Instructions

Aligner Chewies To Help Fully Seat Aligners

2 Remover Tools To Help Take Aligners Off

IPR Card

1 Emery Board 

For further inquiries, reach out to our SmileShare™ Senior Aligner Consultant, Sarah Habig.

Sarah specializes in helping orthodontic practices get started with SmileShare Clear Aligners, making her a vital asset to your practice from day one. With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the orthodontic field, Sarah’s journey is a testament to her passion and expertise in SmileShare Clear Aligners. She embarked on this path in 2003, initially joining the St. Louis Orthodontic Group under Dr. Richard Goldberg. Her roles have been as diverse as her skills, from chairside orthodontic assistant to new patient coordinator and insurance coordinator, showcasing her versatility and dedication to patient care. 

Sarah’s credentials include certifications in Dental Assisting (CDA) and Expanded Functions Orthodontic Dental Assistant (EFODA), underscoring her commitment to excellence in her field. Her career trajectory took her from working with Dr. Goldberg to expanding her horizons with Dr. Robert Shapiro at Orthodontic Specialists of St. Louis, before eventually returning to Dr. Goldberg’s team. Each role she’s undertaken has been fueled by her passion for orthodontics and her desire to make a significant impact on patients’ lives. 



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