Finally, A Multi-Layer Material Offering Flexible, Predictable Tooth Movement Without Breaking The Bank.

Introducing Glacier® GX3, a premium multi-layer material for In-house Aligners.  This DynaFlex® exclusive material boasts three layers, combining durable outer layers with a elastomeric inner layer, ensuring optimal flexibility and force application.   GX3’s advanced design not only facilitates predictable tooth movement, but it also offers practitioners unparalleled versatility in their orthodontic procedures. The innovative formula of Glacier® GX3 allows for seamless adaptation to various treatment plans, model sizes and attachment systems.  Glacier® GX3’s superior flexibility enhances patient comfort throughout their orthodontic journey, promoting better compliance and satisfaction.

Features & Benefits

• Proprietary Formulation
• Enhanced Flexibility
• Remarkable Ductility
• Triple Layer Engineering
• Enhanced Tooth Movement
• Attachment Friendly

Available in 50 or 100 sheet boxes. Each sheet is round (125mm) with a thickness of .76 mm.

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Box Of 100 Sheets, Use Promo Code: AAO-100GX3

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Buy a box of 100 sheets, get a box of 100 sheets free.
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