Respire Pink EF AT
(Advanced Titration)

Simplified Titration and Extra Comfort for Patients With Bruxism or Large Tongues

Respire Pink EF AT features a simplified titration mechanism with a special user-friendly adjustment key. Its Endurance Framework (EF) is an innovative, patented design made of chrome, significantly thinner yet durable. Respire Pink EF AT is suitable especially for people who have larger tongues and experience bruxism at night.

Respire Pink AT is a trademark of Respire Medical

Advanced Titration

Our new Advanced Titration mechanism offers simpler yet precise adjustments with measuring scales on arms. A special titration key with a handle for easier grip will provide an overall improved chair-time experience.

Expert’s Review

Features & Benefits: Respire Pink EF AT

Simpler Yet Precise Adjustments

Its simpler titration system allows 1 mm advancement with only 4 turns (1 Full turn of 360° = 0.25 mm). Measuring scales on arms provide more precise adjustments of up to 7 mm. A user friendly adjustment key is provided with a handle for easier grip.

Made with Chrome

The endurance framework offers durability, despite being one of the thinnest lingual coverage products available.

Reduced Lingual Coverage & Anterior Teeth For Maximum Tongue Space

One factor in sleep appliance discomfort is when the product presses against the patient’s lips. EF AT’s chrome-made framework part is thinner to create more space for the tongue and provides extra comfort for patients who need it. It provides them a more comfortable wearing experience.

A Closer Look At Respire Pink AT

  • 7mm maximum advancement
  • Scaling measures on arms, come with a special titration key
  • 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Medicare Approved
  • Option to add elastic hooks and anterior discluding ramp