System Options

You have options with EZ-Align® Clear Aligners. From minor tooth movement to a comprehensive treatment plan, we can provide you with a suitable system that caters to what you need.

Fast 5 - 5 Aligners Per Arch

An upper and lower system designed to facilitate minor tooth movement.

Terrific 20 - 20 Aligners Per Arch

A comprehensive system designed to facilitate intermediate to complex tooth alignment of the upper & lower arches.

Perfect 10 - 10 Aligners Per Arch

A versatile upper and lower system designed to facilitate minor to intermediate tooth movement.

Unlimited* - Unlimited Aligners Per Arch

For more complex cases, this comprehensive system is designed to facilitate alignment of the upper & lower arches.

Plus System

EZ-X® Appliance Plus Any EZ-Align® Aligner System

The EZ-X® is a removable clear lateral development appliance utilizing  a nickel titanium, spring loaded memory screw. EZ-X® reduces or eliminates the need for enamel reduction & attachments prior to aligner therapy.

A second scan/impression is required after EZ-X® treatment prior to EZ-Align® aligner therapy.

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* With 6 Full Years of Unlimited* Aligners & Retainers. “Unlimited” refers to a reasonable number of aligners and retainers at the purchase price of the Unlimited System within the 6 year period.