In this age in which we consolidate as many steps as we can in accomplishing a task, it seems only logical that the next step in bonding is to try to consolidate the etch, rinse, and sealant process into one step. This would be time- as well as cost-effective. This is exactly what you get with our new S.E.P (Self-Etching Primer) Kit. This product consists of two components: an acid etch and a monomer primer. After mixing the two components together this system requires you to rub the material into the tooth for 5 seconds, then deliver two bursts of air to drive off the excess etchant and dry the primer. The bracket can then be placed. Also required is the use of a light-cured adhesive paste system. Kit contains: 1 dispenser, (2) 4ml cartridges, 3 mixing wells, and 100 micro brushes. *Compares to Transbond.

Item #
Item: 18-SEPD
Item: 18-SEPR
Option:Refill Cartridge (4ml)
Item: 18-1SEPW
Option:1 Pack