DynaFlex® is committed to continually monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the CDC guidelines for the newest, most up to date information available. Our valued customers, employees, and suppliers are foremost in our thoughts as we make adjustments in our day to day operations that promote a healthy and safe environment.

We remain highly aware and committed to meeting customer delivery dates throughout our departments. We also will strive to ensure there are no disruptions to the continuity of products and services to our valued customers at this time.

During times like these, we want you to rest assured knowing that DynaFlex® has a long history of commitment to an extremely clean and healthy environment. We currently utilize very stringent infection control practices as part of our FDA, OSHA, and medical device internal policies and guidelines. On top of our normal procedures, we will have further preventative measures including:

• Educating our employees on signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 illness.

• Promoting personal protective measures on increased hand washing, avoiding contaminating contact with self and others, coughing/sneezing safe practices, and encouraging people to self-quarantine when appropriate.

• Upgrading environmental cleaning of identified common contact areas.

• Posting CDC / WHO guidance documents throughout our facility to encourage safe practices.

• Limiting meetings and visitors to our offices.

• We are communicating with our essential suppliers to assess their business continuity plans in order to understand their service level expectations, and make contingency plans where necessary.

As new information and developments become available, we will adjust to the guidelines as needed and keep you informed of the changes that may be necessary.

Thank you for your continued support. If you should have questions or concerns please contact Matt Malabey, Director of Operations at mattm@dynaflex.com or Mellisa Kennedy, Human Resource Director at mellisak@dynaflex.com. 



Darren Buddemeyer, CEO